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Prime Minister's Signatures - A Neat Dozen

Following on from previous posts that showcase some of the signatures I have in my collection, I was asked if I have any Australian Prime Ministers. The answer is, of course! Not all of them, but quite a few. A dozen in fact. Out of the 30 Prime Ministers that this country has had, I have 12 of them, some on more than one item. Most are in books - autobiographies and the like - some are cuts from letters and three are from an amazing Member's book that once belonged to the Conservative Club of Melbourne in the early 1930s. And when I say amazing, I mean it's fascinating. Each member has their full name and address listed, and guests speakers details are entered, complete with signatures. Honorary Members included three Prime Ministers (both former and future) and a number of noted economists, leaders in the conservative movement and military. You don't want to know what I paid for that, suffice to say it wasn't cheap and I couldn't afford it then and certainly could

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