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The Creation of Superman: Jerry Siegel vs Jim Steranko 1973

It’s a battle that could have been epic, but, instead, due to Jerry Siegel's reluctance to confront anyone, it’ll never be played out properly. All we have are Siegel's original comments and any replies that might come by from Jim Steranko.
In 1970, Jim Steranko published the first volume of his “The Steranko History of Comics”. This oversized magazine formatted book was heavy on text and was designed to be the first in a series that would give the true history of the comic book industry, from the very first superhero, Superman, through to the current day. Sadly, only two volumes were ever published, maddening really as they are a hoot to read and packed with great information and interviews, done by Steranko.
For years’ people have referred and recommended Steranko’s History books, and they quickly became very sought after and desired. But not everyone was happy with them. One person who was annoyed by Steranko’s telling of history was a man who featured heavily in the first…

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