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DuBay v King: Deposition of James Stenstrum, January 06, 2018

There's depositions and then there's depositions! The DuBay v King case is far more interesting for what has been said during the depositions than anything else. The last deposition I posted, that of Stephen King, was a delight for all who read it, albeit long - but I can't help with that. These are what they are, and they take as long as people want to keep talking. The deposition of Jim Warren was one that people seemed to miss, but, take it from me, it's well worth a read. And now we have James Stenstrum.
One thing that people have noted is that, at times, Benjamin DuBay seems a bit out of his element. That's perfectly understandable really, taking a deposition is a long, arduous and tiresome process, and the fact that Ben DuBay is acting for himself, makes it even harder. That he can keep on top of most things said is a miracle in itself, and, win or lose, he will come out of this a far better educated man than he walked in.
Knowledge is power Ben! I salute you!

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