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57 Years Ago Today: 5AD Official Top 40 - February 3, 1962

I have a large collection of these charts - the original ones that were issued to record stores back in the day. This one is from this day, February 3, 1962 - 57 years ago. As the days of this year roll by, and as time permits, I'll post a relevant chart from that date, going back to the mid-1950s. The charts themselves are a fascinating time capsule into the tastes of people in Adelaide at the time, which, when it came buying singles, was driven by youth.

You'll notice that Beatlemania hadn't yet hit Adelaide, South Australia. The charts can easily be divided into two distinct eras - pre-Beatles and post-Beatles. Adelaide pre-Beatles charts were largely dominated by American acts, with a smattering of Australians, such as Lonnie Lee, Col Joye and Johnny O'Keefe. The Beatles may have been coming, but in early 1962, they were a local Liverpool act. The first proper Beatles single had yet to be released, that would come later in the year, but it would still take time fo…

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