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Blast From The Past: Spider-Man In Person

What can you say? They just don't do things like this anymore. I wonder why? The next question has to be, was anyone there? Surely someone attended and got their photo taken with Spider-Man? If so, then get in touch, I'd love to see them.

A Bibliography

Curious to know what I've written? I never have been, but there's been a few who, of late, have been asking me for a bibliography of my published works, so here it is.

Bear in mind that this doesn't include projects in the works, about to be published or stuff that I've written and just sat on for years, in one case, for over twenty years. So, knock yourself out. I'm sure I've missed a few so feel free to send me any corrections.

Books Authored

Australian Gothic: The Untold Story of the 1929-’31 Dracula Stage Tour "Down Under"
Publisher: Wildside-Kronos (2017)
Topic: Theatre-History
ISBN: 978-1545326671

The Strange, Strange Story of Phillip Wearne
Publisher: Blaq Books (2015)
Topic: Biography
ISBN: 978-1519266187

The Exploitation Of Nancy: Benoit vs. Hustler
Publisher: Blaq Books (2015)
Topic: Legal
ISBN: 978-1512276886

The Epic ( Annotated) Life Story of Keith Chatto
by Daniel Best and Keith Chatto Publisher: Blaq Books (2015)
Topic: Biography
ISBN: 0…

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