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Separated At Birth? Major X and Dark Nebula

First up, Rob Liefeld's new character for Marvel, Major X, first appearance, 2019.

Now, compare that costume design with The Dynamic Dark Nebula, first appearance 1982 by Tad Pietrzykowski.

"I know my way around a good character design, it’s something I’m proud of,” Liefeld told Entertainment Weekly.

"Yet another character costume rip-off from the House of Other Peoples' Ideas," Pietrzykowski told me today.

Now, there's no way to prove that Liefeld lifted Dark Nebula's costume, but the character can be found by a simple Google search and Liefeld, who is active on Facebook, might have possibly seen it, as the costume and character have been posted in groups in which he is active in.

You decide.

And that sound you hear is the sound of me being dumped from one, if not more, of those groups.

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