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The Interview Series: Herb Trimpe

One of the criteria that I had when it came to choosing people to interview for the now defunct Adelaide Comics and Books site was that I had to actually like their work. I wanted to speak with those were my favourite artists as a youth, in an attempt to recapture some of the magical feelings that I had back then. Some of those feelings would come back as I began to re-read some of the material, other times it was just there, seared into my brain. A lot of Herb Trimpe’s work is seared into my brain, that’s how often I read and re-read it. In his time at Marvel he drew pretty much every single character the company had.
I remember trading a Spider-Man comic, can’t remember the issue, to a pal in primary school for X-Men #100 and Incredible Hulk #103. I don’t have either of those comics anymore; this would have been in 1977. I read them until they fell apart, and rightly so. But two things remained with me – they were some of the best comics I’d seen. Having said that, at that young an a…

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