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The Interview Series: Stan Goldberg

As promised, I'll be porting over all the interviews from the now defunct Adelaide Comics and Books web-site, and I thought there's no better place to start than with this lovely chat with Stan Goldberg.
I first interviewed Stan about Mike Esposito for the book Andru & Esposito: Partners For Life in 2005 (here's a hint - do not pay $105 for that book. If you really want one, let me know and I'll find one for you). The interview went so well that Stan instantly agreed to a follow up, which is what we have here.
It'd take far too long to mention all of Stan's credits. This was a man who was there at the beginnings of the comic book industry as we know it, he spent over 60 years in the field. He worked on almost every single Marvel character over his career and he appeared to be both immortal and invincible, visiting Australia a year or so after this interview was done in 2005. He was working right to the end of his life, an amazing achievement in itself.

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Vale Adelaide Comics and Books 2003 - 2018

And an era ends.
If you clicked on a bookmark for Adelaide Comics and Books today, then you're probably puzzled to find yourself on this blog. Allow me to explain why all your bookmarks now don't work.
I started the original Adelaide Comics and Books web-site back in 2003 with an interview with the late, and great, Gene Colan. In the frantic six years that it was active, I interviewed dozens of people and wrote many articles, and also allowed others free reign over the site, to publish anything and everything they wanted to. I have made many, many fine friends over the life of the site, but the reality is the site was last updated in late 2009. The rise of blogging and sites such as Facebook, Twitter and other social media have pretty much made web-sites redundant now. People can instantly connect with others and talk to them, you really don't need a web-site like Adelaide Comics was to get information. It's all out there and blogs, such as this, are adaptable and easier…

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