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Joe Simon, The F.B.I. and the Strange Case of the Missing Artwork

It's common knowledge that in the early 1970s a rather large amount of art was stolen from DC Comics and in the early 1980s another sizeable cache of art was stolen from Marvel Comics.  In the comic book art circles there are a number of collectors who refuse to acknowledge that the art was stolen, instead they prefer to call it ‘liberated’.  In the years leading up to the DC Comics heist the policy was to destroy original art outright, or to give pages and covers away as gifts and prizes to fans.  Occasionally artists would ask for, and subsequently take art back, or other professionals would simply take what was lying around.  However DC Comics policies meant that many artists never saw the original art that they worked on once they handed it in, until it was offered for sale collectors market.  The story became an open topic of debate when a short lived fanzine, Inside Comics, ran a detailed article on how the theft happened, complete with commentary and listed some of the stol…

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