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The World vs Todd McFarlane: Part Seven, Eight and Nine!

The World vs Todd McFarlane Part Seven: Gaiman vs McFarlane, Round One It wasn't originally about Miracleman, it was about Angela “I said, what would happen next was that a jury of Americans would decide whether to trust an Englishman or a Canadian.” (Gaiman, Wisconsin State Journal, 2 Oct, 2002) In the end, the jury believed the Englishman. That court battle in 2002 ended with a win for Gaiman and a crushing blow to the reputation of Todd McFarlane as a fighter for creator’s rights. On the stand McFarlane was brutalised with many inconsistencies in statements, both present and past, being revealed. ARNTSEN: Now take the Angela's Hunt trade paperback. That was published by Image in 2000, correct? You never told Neil you were publishing that book, did you? MCFARLANE: I don't recall. ARNTSEN: That book has Neil's biography on the back of it, doesn't it? Or a synopsis of it? MCFARLANE: Yeah, a write-up. ARNTSEN: It doesn't li

The World vs Todd McFarlane: Part Six

The World vs Todd McFarlane A lot of Todd McFarlane's woes revolved around this guy. Part Six: Todd Gives Neil Gaiman The Right Royal Run Around (I had intended to give this series a little rest, but people appear more than interested in finding out what happens next, so, well, as the great 20th century philosopher N. Holder once sang, here it is, Merry Christmas, everybody's having fun) By 1998 Neil probably wished he'd simply hung up. But he'd get his promised, albeit a joke promise, $1,000,000 - with change Michael David Thomas: The rights to Miracleman seem to be a source of controversy that pops up now and again. It's coming back to the forefront. What kind of rights do you have to the Miracleman character? Todd McFarlane: Ultimately? I've got all of them. We'll find that one out. MDT: You own the rights to the character, lock, stock and barrel? TM: Until someone proves otherwise. MDT: The only reason I ask is

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