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Wally Wood's Will!

Another of those great documents that you rarely, if ever, get to see. Here we have the last will and testament of the late, great Wallace Allan 'Wally' Wood. Drafted just over a year before he shot himself in his apartment in November, 1981, the will is very simple and to the point. But then, by the time Wally drafted this, there wasn't a lot to leave behind, only debts and art really. And the art was the source of legal action between J David Spurlock, representing Wallace Wood Properties, who sued Wood's ex-wife, Tatjana Wood, for art that had been returned to her by Marvel, DC and other companies after Wood's death. The legal fight wasn't pretty, but a suitable solution was finally negotiated.  Still, not a good thing really, fighting over the remains of an artist. But these things happen.

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