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The Interview Series: Herb Trimpe

One of the criteria that I had when it came to choosing people to interview for the now defunct Adelaide Comics and Books site was that I had to actually like their work. I wanted to speak with those were my favourite artists as a youth, in an attempt to recapture some of the magical feelings that I had back then. Some of those feelings would come back as I began to re-read some of the material, other times it was just there, seared into my brain. A lot of Herb Trimpe’s work is seared into my brain, that’s how often I read and re-read it. In his time at Marvel he drew pretty much every single character the company had. I remember trading a Spider-Man comic, can’t remember the issue, to a pal in primary school for X-Men #100 and Incredible Hulk #103. I don’t have either of those comics anymore; this would have been in 1977. I read them until they fell apart, and rightly so. But two things remained with me – they were some of the best comics I’d seen. Having sa

March, 1964 - When The Beatles Ruled Adelaide

Everyone knows the story of when the Beatles touched down in Adelaide, South Australia, on July 12,   1964. It’s been reported many times since how over 200,000 people lined Anzac Highway from the airport to the CBD, all gathered in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the Fab Three [i] . 30,000 people gathered at the Town Hall when they appeared on the balcony and waved [ii] . The reception was incredible and left a lasting impression. Paul McCartney later wrote in the official history of the band, Anthology , “Three hundred thousand people welcomed us to Adelaide. It was like a heroes' welcome. George waved too. That was the kind of place where we would go to the town hall and they would all be there in the centre of the city. If it had happened suddenly, overnight, it might have gone to our heads; but we had come up bit by bit, so it didn't (not too much). We were just very pleased that everyone had turned out. “We were still close enough to our Liverp

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