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They Don't Make Ads Like This Anymore: Vampirella!

My guess is that this poster made it to more doors and walls in the early 1970s than paint.  Hell, I still want one!  I mean, how could it get any better than this?  The poster was drawn by Jose Gonzales and first appeared on the cover of Vampirella (Warren) #19.  Frankly, who cares where it appeared.  Along with the giant Frankenstein's Monster poster drawn by Jack Davis, this was essential and anyone who had one was to be envied, and cursed, but admired until the day their mother/wife/girlfriend/all of the above had enough with looking at it and ripped it in two.

Jealousy.  Bloody awful thing really.  I mean, if you can't fall in love with Vampirella, then what can you do?

And yes, I still want one.  And yes, if you have one, you're a bastard, but well done.  Very well done.

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