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They Don't Make Ads Like This Anymore: The Miracle Man

Despite being released in 1919 in America, this Lon Chaney classic wasn't released in Australia until early 1920.  It's as good an ad as you're likely to see, and with an image that I'm pretty sure was created by a local Australian artist.

And, you never know, a complete copy of this film might well still exist, sitting in a box in an attic somewhere...just waiting to be discovered.

100 Years Ago: The Great McEwin - Would Make A Cat LAUGH

100 years ago today I'd be buying tickets to see The Great McEwin, and if that cat didn't chuckle on it's own accord, I'd be throwing fruit at the stage.  I mean, just look at those reviews.  If McEwin wasn't your tonic, then I don't know that anyone could have helped you.

A few weeks later The Great McEwin was reviewed.

McEwen at the Town Hall. McEwin still holds Adelaide laughing at mystified. For three weeks he has drawn great crowds to the Town Hall, for few can resist his magnetism, and those who do are missing one of the most interesting a and amusing shows seen in Adelaide. Many people have gone over and over again to see him, and are still reserve seats ahead, for it is impossible to tire of the entertainment.  If anyone want a laugh cure, McEwin is the best physician and he never fails. Sceptics have only to see his performance to be convinced. Hypnotism is a science, beneficial to the utmost degree, and McEwen is a worthy exponent of that science. His sh…

The Guyra Ghost Mystery - Solved?

What would you say if I told you that, after nearly 100 years, the mystery of the Guyra Ghost has been solved?  Well, that's exactly what I'm about to reveal, later this year.

Since I wrote about the long, lost, Australian film, "The Guyra Ghost", for Monster! #31, I became interested in the event itself.  So I immersed myself into the mystery and felt, as always, that there was far more to this than what we've always read.  And I was right.

For, you see, I believe I've uncovered the person responsible for at least part of the so called haunting.  I won't name that person here, or why I suspect them, but, suffice to say, the book that I will be publishing as a limited edition will explain all.

Watch this space...

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