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Editorial: Hollywood's Eternal Shame

A Los Angeles task force has been created to evaluate cases concerning accusations of sexual abuse in Hollywood Task Force, my arse! Don't make me laugh. What a load of bullshit. Rape, misogyny and violence against women have been a part of Hollywood culture since Hollywood began - casting couches were a fixture in every producers office and it was expected that, if a woman wanted to make it, they'd eventually have to sleep with a sleaze bag producer. The results were unwanted pregnancies, abortions, damaged people, failed careers suicides and more. And let's not mention, no, let's do mention, how a lot of Hollywood heavyweights (read males) who liked to prey on the children. Nothing was done then, and nothing will really be done none, and this is despite producers bragging about it then and still do today - it was a mark of honour for these fuckheads. It's continued through to today. Hollywood loves it's rapists and paedophiles- they giv

The Moment Michael Hutchence Became A Brand

There's an exact moment that the late Michael Hutchence ceased being the singer who fronted INXS and became a brand name, and that moment can now be revealed. Pictured above is the letter that the Executor of the Estate of Michael Hutchence, one Andrew Morrison Paul, drafted and signed on the 25th of May, 2006, in which all the rights to Hutchence were assigned to Chardonnay Investments Ltd, which, of course, is owned by Hutchence's solicitor and self-confessed closest friend, Colin Diamond. Diamond's handling of the Estate has been contentious, to say the least, and far be it for me to start dredging up all the dealings that have gone on, most of which has seen all the money and assets of the Estate owned by Diamond. Each time you buy an INXS CD, or a download, Diamond gets Michael Hutchence's share of the royalties - not Hutchence's daughter, but Diamond. Diamond has been collecting all of Hutchence's royalties since 1997 and continues to do so. Each

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