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They Don't Make Ads (Or Albums) Like This Anymore: Real Life

By the ghost of Magilla Gorilla, Heartland   by Real Life was, and still is, a masterpiece. Mind you, try finding it on CD these days. Expensive? You don't know the half of it. But, quality costs and if you're as old and decrepit as I am, it's worth it for the memories that it beings back as soon as the synth starts up. A shame record companies don't do expanded editions of these albums, but then, when you're dealing with trying to find out who owns the rights, especially when the Wheat is involved, good luck!

Basil Gogos: A Celebration Of A Famous Monster

Famous Monsters #20 (November 1962) Growing up in Elizabeth, which is a fair distance away from Adelaide, the capitol of South Australia, I'd scour second hand shops and newsagents for my reading material every Saturday morning, rain and shine.  I'd buy almost everything I could find that grabbed my interest - the local library would sell their old books for a whopping five to ten cents each, and the Elizabeth South Secondhand Shop would sell me magazines and comics for around ten cents too - lots of Marvel and DC Comics, Gredowns, Yaffa reprints, Newton Comics - you name it, I devoured it.  One magazine that always caught my eye was Famous Monsters of Filmland .  I'm one of those rare creatures who thought Forrest Ackerman's prose was a bit, shall we say, redundant when it came to the amazing images that populated the magazine, and the incredible covers that the book featured.  Even the ads were great. Over the years I lost all of my collection, but as I've g

Their Real Signatures: Led Zeppelin

I've just come back from a nice, long holiday.  Down to Melbourne, then off to Tasmania where we spent the better part of a week and change just driving around and exploring places like Brickendon, Eaglehawk Neck, Richmond, the coal mines and Maria Island.  Even got caught up in the snow storms.  Lovely!  I'd recommend it for anyone really.  Plus I bought a pile of stuff.  Boat ride back was horrid though - six meter swells saw us being pounded about all night long and has taken the better part of a week to recover from.  But, dear reader, I can see you yawning. Back to business.  What we have here are the real signatures of the remaining members of Led Zeppelin.  That'd be Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and their bassist and all round instrumentalist/arranger, John Baldwin. John Who?  Yep, you see, John Paul Jones is a stage name.  The man was born John Baldwin.  Not that he'll sign your tatty old copy of Houses Of The Holy like that.  So, here you go, gaze your eyes

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