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Bob Wiacek Needs Your Help

If you were reading Marvel Comics from the mid 1970s onwards and enjoyed the art, then odds are good that you were looking at art inked by Bob Wiacek.  Bob remains one of the finest inkers of his generation and fully deserving of everyones respect. Bob has taken a fall recently and damaged his arm, meaning he can't work.  He does expect to make a full recovery but, until then, he has no way of generating an income and the bills are mounting.  To that end Bob has set up a Go Fund me page, in which he promises to draw a sketch for anyone who donates over $40 - once he's recovered and caught up on his commissions and other work. Bob is a good person.  Go and help him, show him some love and let's makle sure he's well looked after.  It's incumbent upon the people who read and collect comic books and art to help look after those who created the work that we all enjoy.  Do the right thing, Bob's Go FundMe page can be found here .  Donate and spread the word.

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