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Encounters With The Rich and Shameless #1

I've often had it suggested to me that I should write my own life story.  That just ain't happening, but I have reached a compromise - I'm gonna write about some of the people that I've met, either in person or on line.  In some cases, such as this first entry, I'm not going to name people, but I will leave enough clues to identify them. Way back in 1752 a semi-famous band toured Adelaide.  I was in the habit of heading out and getting the odd signature here and there, but I had no interest in this band, I rather preferred their chart rivals who were, to me anyway, an oasis in a otherwise musical desert.  Anyway, the then partner of a really good chum of mine asked me if I'd like to come and hang out and yap while she went goo-goo over these mop headed idiots.  Seeing that the alternative was either writing about yet another bland band that I couldn't stand, or sit at home watching the cockroaches race up the wall, I headed out. The band themselves were

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