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Stan Lee: "Not the least bit coherent." - Sony Pictures Blunt Assessment

Half the planet must have visited the Sony Studios Wikileaks site over the past few days going on the sheer amount of material that is surfacing.   There’s gigabytes of material to wade through, the bulk of it is utterly mundane, boring run of the mill exchanges between people, revealing nothing of any great note, but in amongst it all is correspondence that helps explain a lot.   Such as the fact that a major film studio, which handles The Amazing Spider-Man and works with Marvel a lot, has no real idea, or respect, for the true creators of the characters they exploit and make billions from. Here’s what we know.   At the end of January, 2014, then Sony Vice Chairman Jeff Blake fired an email off to a group of senior Sony exes, including then Chairperson Amy Pascal, about his dinner with former Disney executive and now a director at legendary Films Dick Cook who apparently had just optioned, “the entire works of Jack Kirby, an animator you might know, I don't.”   Tha

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