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How DC Comics Sold Alan Moore In 1980 - The Swamp-Thing Movie Contract

People often ask, how is that DC Comics can license characters such as Constantine without worrying about crediting or even paying the creators? How is that the second Swamp Thing movie was made, using concepts and, in some scenes, entire dialogue lifted directly from the Alan Moore/Steve Bissette/John Totleben run without fear of retribution? 

Well, here is your answer. This is the rarely seen contract that DC Comics signed with Swampfilms Inc in October 1980. Swampfilms Inc was one of those faux Hollywood companies set up with the sole purpose to register a copyright, obtain rights and make a movie. Its VP was none other than Michael Uslan, who also managed to get the rights to Batman for every Batman film from the Tim Burton reboot to The Dark Knight Rises, and the forthcoming Batman v Superman. As an aside, Uslan, whose name appears on films generally before, and with far more prominence than the creators of the works he produces, is a very, very rich man due to his business …

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