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“Dear John” - Never Before Seen Alex Toth Letters

Alex Toth should need no introduction to anyone with even a passing interest in comic books and art.  Toth began drawing comic books in the 1940s and was widely regarded as being one of the most visionary artists to ever grace the medium.  His influence can be seen on any number of artists, from Ross Andru and Doug Wildey through to Steve Rude, David Mazzuchelli and Tim Sale, Toth left an indelible impact.  His art work transcended what people believe is comic book art and entered the realm of fine art and his work remains in print and is keenly sought after.  More than that, Toth was a scholar of art and comic books and was widely versed in its history. He was also an avid correspondent, albeit one that had a reputation for not suffering fools lightly and for being abrasive and brutally honest and blunt in his appraisals of others and his views. 

In 1960 Toth moved into the field of television animation where, as with anything he would do, he left his mark.  Working for Hanna-Barbera …

Neal Adams & Joe Sinnott: Together Again (and on sale) After 44 Years

Comic Art Collectors take note. In the very near future you'll be able to bid on a genuine piece of artistic history, as this amazing sketch cover is offered for sale. Why is it amazing? Not because NEAL ADAMS pencilled it. I mean, that's good enough, but what makes it truly historic is that JOE SINNOTT inked it! If you want the details behind this incredible, one-off pairing then sit back and hit play on the video, which explains it all and shows a brilliant image of the finished product.

Neal Adams and Joe Sinnott previously collaborated on Thor #180 and #181, both published back in late 1970. Amazingly they never worked before this time and, until now, they've never worked since.  Both men have an incredible amount of respect for each other and when approached to donate a sketch for the Inkwell Awards Neal Adams had one request only - that Joe Sinnott be the man to ink the pencils.

Thus this the first collaboration between these two powerhouses in almost 45 years and t…

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