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The Letter That Made Stan Cross, The Destruction Of Wally & The Major Revealed!

It was the letter that really made Stan Cross very cross.  For years Stan Cross had responded kindly to people writing to him requesting original art, mainly his Wally & The Major and Pudden’ strips.  He’d forward the letters onto the Herald & Weekly Times, who were the syndicate that he worked for, and they’d simply send the art off.  In a small way this accounts for the lack of early Wally & The Major strips that are in the marketplace.  Then, in September, 1955, Stan Cross learned something else was happening to his art.
For decades Stan had been sending his strips to the Herald in Victoria and every so often he’d get a handful of strips back but, on the whole, the rest were stored at the offices of the Herald.  Or so Stan believed.  The truth was entirely different, as he was about to discover.  He received another letter, a request from a Lieutenant in the RAN, asking if a strip that depicted theArunta Tribe and Pudden’s inability to operate a camera could be sent to h…

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