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Friday Sketch Dave

Dave loved John Buscema a lot.  Along with Frank Robbins, Buscema is one of the main reasons why Dave elected to be a comic book artist and possibly the greatest influence that he had.  He attended Buscema's legendary classes in the late '70s and he often told me that one lesson with Big John taught him more about the art of creating comic book art, and art as a whole, than anything else he'd learned.  As a teacher, John Buscema was everything Dave craved, he was fair and firm, he had no hesitation in telling someone that their art wasn't quite there, but he'd then work with them to help them become the best they could be.  John also taught Dave the importance of meeting a deadline, to be quick but brilliant and to treat every job the same, to give it his best effort no matter how much, or how little, it might have paid.  Each artist is only as good as their last job, so a sloppy effort would reflect badly, no matter what the circumstances might be.  Dave applied …

It Was 70 Years Ago Today...Ginger Meggs!

70 years ago, today, this strip appeared in Sunday newspapers across Australia.  Ginger Meggs. A timeless Australian tradition that continues to this day, and rightly so.  This strip is as fresh, and entertaining, today as it was way back then, when the world was entering another year of darkness and war.  
Arrrrr there Ginge, we love you still!

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