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'Vumps' Australia's First Ever Comic Book?

Is Vumps the first comic book issued in Australia?  All of the evidence certainly points towards it.  Vumps was a true one-off and promoted as the ‘first Australian comic-paper’ - a claim that has long been accepted as being accurate, mainly as its predecessors, such as the Melbourne Punch (1855 - 1925), the Bulletin (1880), The Rambler (1899) and The Bull Ant (1890-1892) were either tabloid newspapers or magazines.  The Melbourne Cartoon, published in the 1890s was more a political commentary and George Robertson’s Head Over Heels (1874) was more illustrated prose and verse than outright comic style art.  Norman Lindsay, who had edited and contributed to The Rambler, had been incorporating animals in humours situations into his strips in The Lone Hand as early as 1907, much of this work can be found in books such as Norman Lindsay’s Cats and Norman Lindsay’s Bears, both featuring excellent reproductions of some of his lesser known works.  Despite the presence of Lindsay and his art, …

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