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The Adventures of Speed Gordon...Or How Flash Gordon Changed His Name!

“…Dad never bought the Sunday Sun. He used to buy the Truth and Sportsman, and so that - and since we only got one weekend paper in our house, you know economy was everything; I never got to see Flash Gordon.  They didn't call it Flash Gordon in Australia. That was an odd thing, they called it Speed Gordon. I tried to trace that down and find out what the reason for that was but nobody seemed to know.  It may be just simple that Australians in those days didn't like the idea, flash word, you know, because I remember mothers used to think he's too flashy. You'd hear some men gigging another man, you know, that's too flash, Jack.  So, you know, that probably had something to do with them calling it Speed.” –   Stan Pitt interviewed by Ros Bowden ( Pitt, S. J. & Bowden, Ros.  (1995)) May 5th, 1935 For an entire generation of Australian artists the name Flash Gordon meant nothing to them, but the name Speed Gordon did.  Same strip, exquisitely drawn by Alex

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