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"...humility, it’s not a word that Todd would use." Neil Gaiman Under Oath 2002

It remains one of the most watched and followed comic book legal battles in recent times - the superstar writer, Neil Gaiman , versus the superstar artist, Todd McFarlane .  The case began in 2002 and it would take ten years and change, a bankruptcy, a Marvel Comics backed Gaiman and countless hours of court time before it was resolved.  In short, Gaiman took McFarlane to task over two characters, Angela and  Medieval  Spawn, and won.  Along the way another character reared it's head, and this character would prove to be the most important - Miracleman . Along the way depositions were taken and re-taken.  Two court cases happened, each time Gaiman came out on top.  McFarlane eventually paid Gaiman a reported $1,100,000 in costs , Marvel Comics ended up with Miracleman , and the rights to finally reprint the long out of print stories by someone called 'Original Writer' (Alan Moore to you and me) and the many artists.  Also part of the deal was the understanding that G

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