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In Their Own Words: Who Created The Fantastic Four? Stan & Jack Speak!

A while back I posted the first in a series of oral histories, by the people who were there, compiled from various sources, which detailed who did, or didn’t, create the Amazing Spider-Man.  The reaction to the post was better than I expected, so I’ve decided to continue the concept as a series and cover as many of the Stan Lee/Jack Kirby creations as I possibly can.  To that end, here’s part two, the Fantastic Four.

The Fantastic Four were the flagship of the Marvel line and clearly both Stan and Jack had a fondness for the characters.  They were the first in a long line of super-heroes, and they marked the longest continuous collaboration that the two men had, as they worked on the title for 102 issues, plus a handful of annuals from its inception in 1961 through to 1970, creating a volume of work and characters that is still unmatched today.  The characters and concepts that were introduced make up the foundations of the Marvel Universe as we know it – the Silver Surfer, Galactus, T…

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