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This Is Why John Buscema Was A Better Artist Than You

Years, and I mean years, ago I remember having an argument in a comic book store in Melbourne with some idiot who spent the better part of the afternoon trying to convince me that John Buscema wasn’t as good an artist as, say, Jim Lee or Rob Liefeld, or anyone from Image for that matter.As is the way with such people nothing I said would sway his opinion, so I simply gave up and allowed him to ramble on and on, much to the growing amusement of people around him.Not to denigrate Liefeld, or Lee for that matter, but I’m sure that Rob would agree that he’s nowhere near as good an artist as the late John Buscema.And here’s why.
What follows are prime examples of what Big John would do to warm up before he began drawing proper.Most artists will go entire careers and not get near this level of expertise, and this is John in his downtime.This is John just fooling about, getting his poses and anatomy right before he commits the pencil to the page for publication.This is why John Buscema was al…

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