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Art Alert: Fake Norm Breyfogle For Sale

Or, rather, it's been sold.  On eBay recently a seller sold two sketches that he claimed were drawn and signed by Norm Breyfogle - you can see the Robin auction here and the second auction, a Superman image, can be found here.  As sketches go they're nothing special but there's a very good reason for that - they're fakes.

Norm had a good look at the sketches and had this to say, "Both of these are definitely FAKES, mere tracings of the actual originals."  That they're not genuine Breyfogles is obvious to a lot of Breyfogle collectors, but when Norm himself calls it out as fake, well you just have to listen.  Norm has an excellent memory of what he drew and when, and he can spot his own art better than anyone else on the planet - which is how it should be.  Sadly Norm did file a report with eBay but to no avail.  "The whole thing pisses me off," says Norm, "because it implies that there may inevitably be, eventually, many lesser-quality fak…

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