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Presenting The Royal Family In Signatures, Apollo XI & An Offer

Just for a change of pace, because we all need one of those every so often.  Have you ever wondered what the Queen and Prince Philip's signatures look like?  Or Prince Charles for that matter?  For years I'd see them on the idiot box writing in various visitors books and I've always wondered, what exactly do they write?  What pearls of wisdom, if any, do they leave in the books?  Do they jot down the usual stuff that we see in visitor books - are they like me and write down things like, "What a lovely list" and then sign it "Oskar Schindler"?  And yes, if you're in Australia and see that name with that comment in a book, I'll now admit, I did it!  it's me!  And I've been doing it for years now, and getting clipped in the ear by people since I started.  As to the Royals, the answer is, they write their names and that's it.  No mentions of how lovely the Milk Arrowroots were, or how the milk might have been a bit curdled, or the toilet…

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