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All I Got For Christmas Was...


Merry Christmas!

And a very happy new year! Normal blogging will resume in early 2014, so hang in there!

Christmas Greetings from Michael Hutchence

Best of the season for you all. May 2014 be a damn sight better than 2013 was.

A Better Man Than You'll Ever Be

"Do  you know what mental toughness is? Well, mental toughness is the ability to accept the fact that you're human and that you're going to make mistakes - lots of 'em - all your life. And some of them are gonna hurt people that you love very badly. But you have the guts to accept the fact that you ain't perfect. And you don't let your mistakes crush you and keep you from doing the very best that you can."

1931 - 2013

Vale Colin Wilson. Now an immortal. He is my template for writing. More so than anyone else he influenced how I think, how I write and how I approach my work.  He taught me, via his books, that knowledge should be shared, no matter how trivial you might think it is. It might be nothing to you, but to someone else, it could be life changing, the missing link between what they thought they knew and what they need to know. Knowledge is power, but sharing knowledge is empowering.

1918 - 2013


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