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Newton Comics - The Amazing Rise & Spectacular Fall - Sneak Peek!

Now that funds have been raised work is going on at a breakneck pace to get the Newton Comics: The Amazing Rise & Spectacular Fall finished and ready to ship for its November 2013 shipping date.   Some things I can reveal – it will be in stores.   At the moment I have orders from both Adelaide and Melbourne for copies, this means that the book will be available at comic book stores in those two cities to start with.   As time draws closer I’ll share the details of where the book will be available to be bought from.  Copies will be also be available for direct purchase at the Blaq Books web-site .   If any shop or web-site wishes to order copies for their outlets then drop me a line and we’ll nut out the details, and if you have a store that you buy from and want them to stock it, then get them in touch.   Pre-orders will be taken from the start of October, again, details will be announced in due course. As it stands the book has expanded considerably since I finish

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