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In Their Own Words: Who Created The Avengers? Stan & Jack Speak!

It’s a futile exercise to argue against who created The Avengers, as a concept and book – that’d be Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.   But who created the individual members?   Now that’s an entirely different, and pertinent, question.   Much like the members of the Fantastic Four , ascertaining who did what and when brings forth a series of conflicting statements and comments actually pose more questions than they answer.   One thing is apparent though, in this case Jack Kirby is the common denominator, it’s generally accepted that he was there when Captain America was created, but, certainly once he passed away, Joe Simon went out of his way reduce Kirby’s involvement to that of a mere spectator.   As Simon told it, he (Simon) did the heavy lifting; so to speak, Kirby merely drew the first issue, working from a Simon script over Simon lay-outs.   When alive, Kirby told a different story, a story that didn’t change from when it was first told, under oath, in a deposition during Joe Sim

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