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Newton Comics - The Amazing Rise & Spectacular Fall

The long awaited, and long overdue, book detailing the complete and utter history of Newton Comics is entering it's final phases.  To that end I've established a Facebook group, titled Newton Comics - The Amazing Rise and Spectacular Fall , dedicated to the book and Newton Comics in general.  Feel free to pop by and join. Over the next few months I'll be posting rare images, information, snippets from the book and much more.  Right now you can see some photos of Maxwell Newton, along with Newton Comic memoirabillia, and a letter written by Rupert Murdoch to the Prime Minister in the early 1960s complaining about Newton's subversive antics. Join the group, Newton Comics - The Amazing Rise and Spectacular Fall , and keep up to date with the progress of the book. ( )

Who Created The Amazing Spider-Man? Amazing Fantasy #15 - The Complete Original Art

Who created The Amazing Spider-Man? It’s a question that raises more answers than it really should.  On the surface of things it seems simple – Stan Lee says he had the concept and fleshed it out with Steve Ditko, who designed the vis uals; thus the credit should read, “Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko” and, indeed, the official credit does read just that.  In the 1970s Jack Kirby began to muddy the waters by claiming that he, alone, created the Amazing Spider-Man and that Lee, and by proxy Ditko, stole the credit out from under him.  This resulted in rebuttals from Lee, but Kirby didn’t falter.  Adding to the confusion was Joe Simon, who claimed that HE created the concept and saw Kirby stake it from him, and Lee and Ditko taking credit.  Simon based his claim on the fact that Jack Oleck and C.C. Beck had written and drawen, respectively, a character for him that was not used.  How Simon could claim credit for a character written and drawn by others is beyond most people

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