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Comic Book Censorship in Australia - The Letter That Changed It All

To cope with the changing trends in society a different kind of censorship exited in Australia in the early 1970s when compared to the 1950s, or even as recently as the early 1960s.   For the most part horror comics were becoming readily available at newsagents, mainly through reprints as provided by K.G. Murray and Page.   Horror reprints would explode with the introduction of Gredown in the mid 1970s, but, for the time being, there was still some control and regulation, albeit loosely.   However the Liberal Government of day, led by then Prime Minister Billy McMahon (father of actor Julian McMahon) was busy fighting a losing fight with youth culture, resulting in visiting bands being targeted for drug searches, such as Led Zeppelin, being refused entry, as nearly did happen with the Rolling Stones and, in the case of Joe Cocker, deported entirely.   Books were still being banned, It Magazine and Oz had gone underground, and strong debates were taking place for the introductio

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