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Truth, Justice, & The Corporate Conscience by Steve Gerber

I've been wanting to run this piece for a long while now but have never found the right time.  Still, there's no time like now, so here it is.  The article appeared in the now long defunct fanzine W.A.P., which was owned and published by Steve Gerber, frank Miller and Steven Grant - the issue I have has another article in it well worth reading, detailing as it does the rather shoddy treatment dished out to an older, un-named Marvel Comics artist, who I later discovered was none other than Jim Mooney.  Eventually I'll run that one as well as I feel that these pieces should be rediscovered.

Gerber was a true genius when it came to writing, and an absolute madman, and I mean that in the nicest possible way.  His humour was legendary - anyone that can create and write a character like Howard The Duck had vision beyond that of mortal men.  His passing both saw one of the most genuine outpourings of grief within the comic book industry that I've ever seen, and also left a voi…

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