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"The whole issue here is whether the heirs can terminate their rights." - DC Comics & Marc Toberoff Argue In The Appeals Court


"Mean spirited tactics..." The Letter Joanne Siegel Never Sent But Should Have

You have to wonder how different thing could have been if this letter had been sent back in 2010, but that’s not the only mystery to ponder with it. This two page letter, supposedly from Joanne Siegel to Jeffrey Bewkes, was recently lodged as an exhibit in the seemingly never ending case between DC Comics and the Siegels/Marc Toberoff. It details a plea from Joanne to Jeffrey imploring him to intervene in the case with a view of ending it once and for all, and for Warner Brothers to do the right thing. Joanne also evokes the spirit of former Warner’s boss, Steve Ross, praising him – unusual because the Siegels have spent the better part of a decade, plus change, demonising anyone and everyone associated with Warner Brothers and DC Comics. Yes, things might have been different if Joanne had sent the letter – if it’s actually real, and I’m not saying it isn’t – DC Comics are. 

The issue around the letter is that it’s only come to light recently. DC Comics have laid complaint after c…

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