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Saturday Sketch Day: Walter Simonson

Today's entry in the regular Saturday Sketch Day, a series in which I look at sketches, preliminaries and other oddities in my own personal art collection is the master himself - Walter Simonson.

I can't help but love Walt's work.  His art is utterly unique, dynamic, expressive and explosive.  You can find a lot of people who can ape anyone's style, but not many can copy Walt's style.  People try, but only Walt draws like Walt, and that's a damned good thing.   Not only is Walt a great artist he's a terrific writer - his Thor run remains one of my all time favourite comic books runs of all time, not to mention his all too brief, but very entertaining fantastic Four stories, and you can clearly see his influence on the recent Thor movie - plus he had a cameo at the end (blink and you'll miss it - he's at the banquet at the end of the film chatting to the Lady Sif).  And there's one more thing Walt is - he's a damned good guy.  When Bob Shaw …

"Kiss In Australia" - The 1980 Movie That Never Was

You can file this under “Movies I’m Glad They Never Made”.

I’ve always been a huge Kiss fan. From the moment that I first heard Destroyer in 1977 through to when Ace left, I was always a fan, and I remained a big booster of the band throughout the 1980s. I still consider their second three studio albums – Destroyer, Rock ‘N Roll Over and Love Gun - to be masterpieces and I adore Dynasty and Unmasked. Hell, how can one not adore Unmasked, containing, as it does, some of Ace Frehley’s best tunes, in the form of Torpedo Girl, Two Sides Of The Coin and the brilliant Talk To Me. Ace never got better really. I couldn’t care when I discovered, later in life, that the audience noise on Alive and Alive II was overdubbed, or that Peter didn’t play drums on the latter two albums, or that Gene rarely played bass. Hell, only Paul played on Shandi, but it didn't matter.  It just proved to me that the heart of the band was always Paul Stanley and Ace Frehley. Once they split that really was it, a…

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