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Saturday Sketch Day #1: Julie Schwartz's Birthday Card

As I sat down this morning I thought to myself, self, I thought, why not start a new series?  And I said, "Damn, that's a good idea!"  Some of the sketches featured will be for sale, if the price is right, but most won't, and all will come from my own personal art collection - a collection that will be only for display on this blog.  As it's too early for a shot of Tequila, I'll start the series on the right note.  Today' sketch comes courtesy of my very excellent pal, and stellar artist Norm Breyfogle.  Norm has been doing sketches since he was born, or so I believe, and the sheer amount of sketches that are out there is staggering.  Over the years I've managed to acquire quite a few of them, none more impressive than this one.  Drawn in 1992, it was drawn at an industry dinner for none other than DC Editor Julius 'Julie' Schwartz for his 77th birthday.  From there it found it's way into a Heritage Auction listing, via Julie's estate…

Todd McFarlane vs Spawn - A Lawyer's Dream (ca-CHING)

You could be forgiven for thinking that, after spending the best part of the last decade in law courts, fighting against allegations of intellectual theft and slander, and losing a good portion of his fortune, that Todd McFarlane would have had enough of lawyers and courts, but, no.  On the 26th of September, McFarlane took the plunge and sued one of his oldest friends, and the namesake of his most famous creation Spawn, Al Simmons and his wife, Melanie over the publication of Simmon's autobiography, "The Art Of Being Spawn".  As always, you can see the actual court filing in it's entirety below, but one aspect of the filing did leap out as a potential weak spot for McFarlane - his claims that Simmons, "was not the inspiration for “Spawn’s” central character and no one has ever confused that character with Defendant Al Simmons."  McFarlane is no stranger when it comes to using names of friends, such as Simmons and Terry Fitzgerald, his own wife, Wanda, and …

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