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Coming To A Marvel Comic Near You...MIRACLEMAN!

The final chapter has now been written in one of the longest running copyright/ownership sagas in the world of comic books.  With a few filings in the Trademark court, MIRACLEMAN has now been set free, in a manner of speaking, and is now owned, fully and solely, by Marvel Comics.

In 2001 Neil Gaiman filed an opposition against Todd McFarlane's trademark registration for Miracleman.  It's a little known aspect of the bigger case, and it has been running, concurrently, with the main cases involving the two.  Only two days ago the case was resolved with the opposition being withdrawn and the case closed, but there was more.  In addition to the opposition being withdrawn, McFarlane has had to abandon his claim on the Miracleman name for all time.  As if that wasn't good enough, only last week a new trademark application was lodged for Miracleman, this time by Marvel Comics.

Clearly part of the settlement between Neil Gaiman and Todd McFarlane included McFarlane giving up his rig…

“Neil wasn't willing to take a verbal apology, so he would like it in cash.” – Todd McFarlane Under Oath, Part II


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