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Joe Kubert: 1926 - 2012

Many of you will know the name Joe Kubert, but a lot of you won't. In short, nothing that anyone can write will ever come close to capturing the might and majesty that was Joe Kubert. He was an artist of the highest calibre, and one who gave back to the comic art community with the formation of the Kubert School which has, arguably, seen more artists graduate and go on to have illustrious careers in both comic books and advertising art than any other institution of it's type over the same time frame.
Joe was there at the most pivotal times of the creation of comic books - he helped launch what we now know as the Silver Age of comics and his stellar work on Sgt Rock and Hawkman helped define a genre, not to mention his stunning work on Enemy Ace.  Joe was an artist who was utterly unique in the industry - his style was so fascinating and so singular that people didn't try to emulate him because, simply, nobody could come close to drawing like Joe.  People could, and would…

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