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“It would only take me one story to do the ultimate Batman” Steranko Speaks - 1979


Original Art Stories: Simon and Kirby's Boy's Ranch

Today is a good day for a change of pace, so I thought it'd be a good time to delve into the archives and share some rarely seen items - and who better to share than the master's themselves: Joe Simon and Jack Kirby!  What we have here are two cover proofs for the first two issues of the Simon & Kirby western series, Boy's Ranch, along with the related invoices from the printing plant and the inside cover proof for issue #2 (I believe it was), which has one of the earliest biographies of the Simon & Kirby team.  This is worth a look just for the photo of a fresh faced, young Jack Kirby alone - butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.  And how cheaply work was done back in 1950, at least from a printing point of view.

So just sit back and enjoy the lovely images that only Jack Kirby, and Joe Simon, could create and ask yourself this - why is there not quality of this standard being issued anymore?  And no, I don't have the answer either, but look at the line work a…

DC Comics $20,000,000+ Payout For Superman – REJECTED

The legal machinations between Laura Siegel, Marc Toberoff and DC Comics hit a whole new level in the past week.  Documents filed in the Court Of Appeals shows that DC Comics are standing firm with their claim that a deal had been struck on the 19th of October 2001 and that the same deal was allegedly soured by the interference of Marc Toberoff.  This time they’re not just relying on the court to agree with them even though they're still throwing out the usual lines about work-for-hire, they’ve now stated that, “Under the deal, Larson would receive tens of millions of dollars in cash and future royalties, which DC has fully reserved and remains ready to pay. DC would receive peace with Larson and certainty in its Superman rights.  The deal went bad only when - and only because - Hollywood businessman Marc Toberoff entered the picture, seeking to reopen the dispute and obtain the Superman rights himself.”  This stance everyone is aware of now and DC have made sure of that by taking…

Oz Comic-Con: Raging Success or Raging Con-Job?

I'm almost glad that I decided not to go, despite the lure of Stan Lee.  It would appear that the organisers severely underestimated the popularity of Lee and Patrick Stewart - that's Captain Pickard or Professor X to you - as even those who bought pre-sold tickets can't get in to the venue, let alone get to where they've bought photo opportunities, signings, panels and the like.  Added to that is the allegations that negative reports, complaints about the long lines and lack of communication have been removed from the conventions Facebook site, although the organisers have stated that the only comments removed were those featuring profanity.  This hasn't stopped the social media and the media in general from reporting on the situation.


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