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Aliens Invade Elizabeth, South Australia!

These clippings explain a lot really.  I was born and raised in Elizabeth and I was sure that some people were aliens, now I'm totally convinced.  And the Irish!  God help us all.  Still I think the clue as to what the mysterious lights might have been are contained in the last line in the first clipping, but then, back in the early 1960s, the idea of planes flying over Salisbury and Elizabeth at night was still very much a novelty and, if I'm to be honest, I never heard about these 'mystery' objects in the air over Elizabeth and Salisbury during my childhood.  Having said that I met noted Ufologist, the late Colin Norris, more than once and he often regaled me with stories of aliens landing in Argarna Park (those from Elizabeth will know where I mean).  I liked Colin, people thought he was a nut, I thought he was cool...but then I was young.  As I got older I knew he was cool.

But just what were those lights that raised the interest of those people from my home town?

The Inkwell Awards Celebrate Inkers At The Heroes Convention

The Inkwell Awards are wrapping up their fifth season of operations which will culminate at the Charlotte, NC  Heroes Con next weekend on June 22-24. Promoter Shelton Drum invited the inking advocacy to his long-running show in late 2010 for the following year which is when they presented their first ceremony to recognize the favorite ink artists in the industry.  "There's no other show where we could be welcomed like that with open arms", says Bob Almond, the organization's founder and director, "the community trusts and respects Shelton and his staff and the family-friendly, southern charm, mom & pop atmosphere adds a unique flavor that you simply can't find anywhere else!"
Bob continues "The Heroes Convention collects more Inkwell Awards members than any other venue including for this year ambassadors Ethan Van Sciver, Adam Hughes, Mark Brooks, Cully Hamner and J. David Spurlock, various contributors and volunteers, former committ…

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