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Original Art Stories: Jack Kirby & Joe Simon's Stuntman #4 Cover Art

Now this is a definite find - the original, unpublished, cover art to Stuntman #4, as drawn by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon in 1946, which was rediscovered and subsequently inked and coloured by Simon in 2000, or so the story goes.  There are those who question Kirby's involvement in this art, but I'll leave that to others to debate it's veracity in that department and to make that judgement call as to if Joe Simon lied in his resulting affidavit.  The art is up for auction at the moment, complete with Simon's affidavit about the history of the piece and his disappointment at the original selling price that he gained back in the early 2000s.  It appears that when the piece didn't raise what Simon thought was a fair price, he considered suing (Simon was nothing if not litigious) only to find that the buyer was his own lawyer, who subsequently refused to sue the auction house.  The documentation completes the package really, and the end result is a very desirable item.  …

"Inventory and Appraisement Of The Estate Of Robert E Howard..."

Robert E Howard created Conan the Barbarian, but that didn’t stop him from dying, leaving an estate worth less than $3,000.  At the end of his life, none of his creations could save him, and even though his vision and work has endured for over 75 years, he never really reaped the benefits that others have enjoyed down the years.  As can be seen from these documents, the bulk of Howard’s estate was, surprisingly, money, with two bank accounts containing over $2,500 of the final sum.  Howard’s estate went to his next of kin, in this case his father, Issac Howard.  Issac Howard must surely have had the worst of weeks, first his son fatally shoots himself in the head and then his wife passes away shortly after, never waking from a coma, resulting in a double burial.  Such is the price of devotion to one’s mother, and Howard's actions have created conversation amongst his many admirers ever since.

Luckily, for the world at large, Howard had a vivid imagination and gave us several creati…

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