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Hoax Of The Year: Jack Kirby's Spiderman

Let's nip this right in the bud now and call this image bullshit (as Penn & Teller would say).  Yesterday a link was emailed to quite a few people, showing the image you see on the left, which is supposedly the Jack Kirby version of The Amazing Spider-Man.  If it the art was genuine then it'd rewrite Marvel history as we know it.  There's one slight problem though - it's a hoax, and not a very good one at that.  Someone has taken the Giant Man image from the splash page of Tales To Astonish #51 and doctored it, using a logo taken from page #183 of Joe Simon's Comic Book Makers book and parts of the design that Steve Ditko drew for one of Robin Snyder's books (in which he discussed the differences between Jack Kirby's discarded version of Spiderman and the final, Steve Ditko-Stan Lee version of Spider-Man) and mashed them all together.  As to why anyone would want to do that, or what end they hoped to achieve is beyond me.  But then that's life.  


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