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"...Please Sue Someone." Dark Horse vs Dynamite Entertainment

Does anyone have any idea what makes this announcement such a big deal?  No?  Then allow me to give you a bit of background.  For readers who have followed both Conan and Red Sonja since their relaunches at Dark Horse and Dynamite Entertainment respectively, the enduring question is when will there be a cross-over, and the answer has always been, not any-time soon.  Part of the reason for this has been laid at the feet of Dark Horse, who have steadfastly refused to entertain the concept of a cross over, but never really explained why, however the following sampling of internal emails gives an indication of the real reason why – Dark Horse feel that Dynamite are the ‘poor relation’ when it comes to comic books, with accusations of professional sabotage, theft of ideas, concepts, artists, writers and designs being lifted and implemented, with the most damning email of them all – a request for a cross-over being shot down on the basis that Dark Horse doesn’t “…want to work with Dynamic F…

(Australian) Universal Monsters

A slight change of pace from the usual grist.  Whilst doing some serious research for a long-term project, I came across these vintage movie ads for a few Universal Horrors.  The ads all date from the right period - that being the early 1930s through to the 1950s - and they all feature artwork that appears to be unique.  
I can only imagine how it would have been heading down to the cinema in 1932 and seeing a movie such as Frankenstein or Dracula, let alone The Mummy or Freaks, movies that disturbed me when I first saw them here in Adelaide.  Every Friday evening in the winter of 1982, Channel Seven would show a midnight movie, and those movies were Universal Horrors.  In this way I was able to see classics such as Dracula, fifty years after it's release, the Frankenstein and Mummy series, the classic Lugosi/Karloff films such as The Black Cat along with lesser known movies by Lon Chaney, Jr, Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi and many more.  I'd sit there in the dark, watch the movie…

Superman & The Toberoff Timeline Part III: David Michaels Speaks

Each time a new document is filed in the long running Superman case(s) it has the effect of merely making the water more murky - and this latest letter is a classic case in point.  Without going into the gory details - you can read about it here and here - the Ninth Circuit recently ruled that documents contained in the 'Toberoff Timeline' can be introduced into the DC Comics vs Pacific Pictures case. These documents, and the accompanying timeline, have long been attributed to a junior lawyer who worked for Marc Toberoff by the name of David Michaels.  It's been a bit of a mystery as to why Michaels has never been sanction, or outright charged, over the theft and leaking of the documents, and now Michaels himself has provided an answer as to why - in his own words in a letter to the presiding judge in the appeal he states that he didn't do it.  He did contact the Siegels, he did leave Toberoff's firm - and this is explained by Michaels - and he was engaged in ques…

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