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Superman & The 'Toberoff Timeline'

Much has been made of the so called 'Toberoff Timeline', a series of documents that were allegedly stolen from the law offices of Marc Toberoff  in 2006, by a lawyer named David Michaels, who was working for Toberoff at the time, and duly sent to the lawyers acting for D.C. Comics in their Superman case.  The documents came complee with a "cover letter, written in the form of a timeline, outlining in detail Toberoff's alleged master plan to capture Superman for himself, " which led to allegations that Toberoff had interfered with negotiations between DC and Joanne Siegel with the view of securing the Superman copyright for his own gains.  The direct result of the Timeline was DC Comics filing suit against Toberoff, and that suit is still running today, as is the original 2004 Siegel v DC Comics lawsuit.
 D.C. Comics gave the allegedly stolen documents over to an outside attorney and began a quest to obtain them through discovery.  No matter what DC Comics did or…


The Inkwell Awards wants to announce that the fifth season is in full swing this spring after a strong opening. "The Joe Sinnott Inking Challenge event went exceptionally well and the book collection of our first Challenge has sold more copies than I can keep up with, especially the Joe Sinnott signed and numbered editions!" says Inkwell Awards director Bob Almond. "Thanks to our loyal supporters, our ongoing fund-raising auctions on eBay enabled us to fully fund our annual Dave Simons Inkwell Memorial Scholarship Fund for the Joe Kubert School of Cartooning & Design.”  The only noticeable difference between 2012 and 2011 will be the number of convention stops on our Inkwell tour.  “Last year consisted of a heavy show schedule,” continues Bob, “but this year my dad was sick for several months and passed away in February with my mom moving in with me, leaving me barely able to keep up with operations and assignments let alone convention hopping.  But thankful…

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