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Titanic - 1912 - 2012: A Double Tragedy


Jack Kirby 1975: "I love the fans - even if some of them are Nazis."

Old convention programmes are virtual goldmines when it comes to uncovering the obscure and rarely seen.  A while back I ran a piece aboutDon Heck, in which Don made this statement, “I did the first Iron Man story.  They have it listed that Jack Kirby did the breakdowns, but that's not true. I did it all. They just didn't bother to call me up and find out when they wrote up the credits. It doesn't really matter. Jack Kirby created the costume, and he did the cover for the issue.”  At the time there were a few comments questioning the veracity of Don’s statement, with more than one person attributing the Kirby credit to an overzealous art spotter and not Jack Kirby himself.  As you’ll see from this interview, conducted in 1975 and, in the words of co-author Steve Sherman, “…garnered from conversations Mark Evanier and I had with him when we were planning a companion volume to the King Kirby Portfolio,” Kirby himself was the source of the Iron Man credit.  Further to that, K…

Marvel vs Kirby: Brief For Appellees (Marvel)

As promised, here’s Marvel’s brief in the Kirby v Marvel/Disney appeal, hot off the presses. As expected Marvel/Disney are heading down the road of ‘work-for-hire’, and as such the appeal is packed with comments like “instance and expense,” and claims that Marvel were the “author” of any work that Jack Kirby did for the company during the period from 1958 through to 1963 (which is the time-frame of the case). Marvel/Disney are still insisting that the Kirby heirs only decided to file this action because Disney bought Marvel, the inference being that they’re chasing money. Marvel/Disney also make reference to the original summary, that being that Kirby, “indisputably “didn’t work on spec” and never began to draw until after he spoke with Marvel’s editor”. In response to the claims that the Kirby side have made about Stan Lee, both during the case and also in their Appeal Brief, stating that while the Kirby heirs, “vociferously impugn the credibility of former Marvel editor Stan …

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