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Marvel v Kirby: Full Deposition of Stan Lee, Los Angeles, May 13, 2010

One of the most frustrating aspects of the Marvel vs the Kirby Estate court case was the release of redacted depositions as opposed to full depositions.  Unlike the Siegel v DC Comics case where we have full depositions to view (which I've collected in the second volume of The Trials of Superman), the Kirby case was riddled with portions of depositions all over the place, meaning a lot of work went into collecting them and putting them back into order.  There's many reasons for this, from a legal viewpoint, and at some point when I have the time and inclination I'll explain them, but not right now.  Suffice to say the frustration of not knowing what was said, or reading a deposition and seeing it cut off just when you find it leading towards something very interesting is maddening.  Still, such is life and you quickly learn to deal with it by not speculating or trying to fill in any gaps..

However, with all such court cases, every so often a gem in the form of a complet…

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