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Brett Ewins Needs Your Help

My great mate, Stevie, has alerted me to some very disturbing news regarding British artist Brett Ewins via Tony Wright.  Instead of me summarising the situation I've taken Tony's own words - it explains the situation perfectly.  So, over to Tony:
This is Brett Ewins. We met in 1976, I think, at Ealing School of Art. We were very close friends for a few years. We formed ei8ht enterprises together as a sort of umbrella group for various art activities. About which I will write more later. Sadly, we fell out. Brett went on to become a very well respected and popular comic artist before forming Deadline, the comic magazine in which Tank Girl first appeared. Nearly 25 years ago Brett had a breakdown and was, subsequently, diagnosed schizophrenic. Since then he has had to struggle not only with his illness itself but with the very heavy side effects of the drugs he has to take and worsening health which, at least partially, is a consequence of heavy duty medication. He is al…

Before Watchmen...Why? Why Not?

I rarely comment on newly released comic books because, to be perfectly honest, virtually nothing that’s out there these days moves me enough to even bother to read it, let alone waste my time thinking and writing about it - there's only so many minutes in a day, and why bother wasting time reading stuff that's disposable (which makes me wonder why you're reading this - comment below Willy May).  However the current fuss over the Alan Moore versus a pile of people at DC Comics over the Before Watchmen line has seen more than one person ask me for my opinion – although I’ll be jiggered if I know why, after all I'm not even a voice of  reason and I doubt that anyone would care enough to either buy, or not buy, anything based on my own opinions - after all I don't buy anything based on anyone else's opinions.  So, for what it’s worth here goes my thoughts, and do not let them guide you on either purchasing, or not, the comic books - make your own mind up.

First con…

More Atlas Comics Shenanigans! Psychic Octopus Jr v Ironjaw!

Regular followers of this blog will remember the story of Atlas Comics and their well known line of characters, Creole Science Action, Astro Pygmy, and Psychic Octopus Jr.Well, perhaps you remember the saga of Atlas Comics, a small line of fan produced comic books that is currently fighting off some guy named Goodman who feels that he has a claim to the name Atlas Comics by virtue of the fact that his grandfather founded the original Atlas Comics and later morphed it into Marvel.And the same guy’s father had a hand in the founding of Atlas Comics in the 1970s – neither company had any character as good as Astro Pygmy, no, the Goodman’s 1970s version of Atlas only had characters such as Wulf, Vicki, Tiger-Man, Phoenix, Grim Ghost, Morlock 2001, Iron Jaw, Targitt, Scorpion and Devilina along with characters such as Captain America, the Sub-Mariner, the Human Torch and others in the 1950s.But all of them, and many more, pale against the might and power that is Psychic Octopus Jr.Or they …

Gary Friedrich Update: Ghost Rider Appeal Lodged!

Just a short update on the Gary Friedrich v Marvel (Ghost Rider) case - the Notice of Appeal was duly lodged last week.  The appeal is against a number of motions that Marvel filed and were allowed, and, more importantly, the appeal is against the courts judgement that was handed down on the 6th of February.  Appeals are always a hit and miss affair, but hopefully this one will get up and Gary will prevail, but we'll all have to wait and see.  In the meantime, keep the pressure on Marvel with this - that they've asked for, and were granted, an amount that, if the appeal fails, they will insist that Gary pays, is disgusting to say the least.  Watch this space for more developments as they happen.

Until then, here's the two page notice of appeal.

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